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DIY Bathtub & Shower Paste Repair Kit (Acrylic/Gelcoat - Kohler)
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Featured Kohler Colors
Kohler White Kohler Earthen White Kohler White Satin
White Earthen White White Satin
Kohler Ice Grey Kohler Biscuit Kohler Mexican Sand
Ice Grey Biscuit Mexican Sand
Kohler Igneous Black Kohler Sandbar Kohler Almond
Igneous Black Sandbar Almond
Kohler Sunlight Kohler Thunder Grey Kohler Cashmere
Sunlight Thunder Grey Cashmere
Kohler Biscuit Satin    
Biscuit Satin    
Multi-Tech Products offers surface repair kits that are factory color-matched. Please take note that most gelcoat and acrylic bathtubs and showers are either white, biscuit, almond or bone. Each manufacturer has variations in the tones of these colors.
Not sure if you have an
Acrylic or Gelcoat unit?
You can contact the manufacturer or simply take a piece of sandpaper and gently sand the area that's going to be repaired. If it has an odor, it's Gelcoat; if it's oderless, it's Acrylic.
When in doubt, you can always contact us @ (800) 218-2066.

Bathtub, Shower, Spa, Plastic surface cleaner and polisherPlexus bath tub, spa, shower and plastic cleaner. Ideal for cleaning and polishing repaired and refinished areas. Remember that all repair areas must be thoroughly cleaned and free of particles and static prior to applying repair material.

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