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Multi-Tech Products Color Match & Colors
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DIY Spray Version  
The glaze on vitreous china, the porcelain coating on cast iron and the enamel on steel vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from run to run. They also react differently to different types of light when compared to the Surface Repair enamel spray – the spray may match better under some room lighting conditions than in others.

SURFACE REPAIR enamel spray provides an acceptable match to all major U.S. fixture manufacturer’s colors as named. However, we cannot guarantee an EXACT match to every fixture under all lighting conditions.

A good repair will certainly look a whole lot better than the ugly chip you started with.
Plumbing White (with hint of gray) is for "white" plumbing fixtures.
Appliance White (bright white) is for "white" appliances.
Linen/Biscuit (off-white/cream) is for plumbing fixtures and/or appliances…the color is the same.
Bone/Almond (light tan) is for plumbing fixtures and/or appliances…the color is the same.
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